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Cloud Backup

Ransomware Protectionprotech1
All management communication between your system and our cloud runs through secure channels with SSL encryption. At any moment in time, all aspects of your data are secure and untouchable by ransomware.

Spin Up In The Cloud
There’s no need to wait for a restore. Take your latest entire machine backup and restore it in our cloud to a virtual instance for remote access.

Hardware Replacement
Failed hardware can be a hassle to replace. Our hardware specialists will negotiate the best deal on brand new hardware for you. Receive your new hardware entirely restored with your data, as it was.

File-Based Backups
At the click of a button, easily select the option to only backup files and folders. No matter the size or how often they change, Cloud Backup ensures your files are always backed up.

Speedy Backup
Create backups faster than you can say “data” with our superior technology and local servers. Multi-stream backups ensure maximum performance and fast results.

Initial Seeding
Too much data to upload over your internet connection? We help you package portal media and let you courier it to us for immediate upload.

Browser & Email Monitoring
Manage your backups from any web browser. Create new backup plans, edit existing ones or get an overview of all devices being backed up.

Hybird Data Protection
Storing your files on-premises and in the cloud allows you to always have immediate access to your data in the quickest and easiest ways possible.

The key is in your hands. Before your data even leaves your premises, it’s encrypted using the highest standards. Your data would be practically useless to anybody overly curious who might come across it.

Cross Platform Compatibility
Protect every component of your IT infrastructure – Physical and Virtual, Windows® and Linux® Servers, Windows, Mac®, Linux Desktop and Laptop PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android Devices, as well as Office 365 Mailboxes.

Application plugins
Backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server®, Active Directory® and Office 365 mailbox data is a total breeze with free plug-ins.

Disk Machine-level Backups
Disk Image and Machine-Level Backups. Combine the best of both worlds by backing up either your files or your disk images. You can even backup an entire machine or the System State. With Cloud Backup, you have the flexibility to define a backup strategy for every dataset in your organisation.

Recovery Targets
Restore data to its original location or select a new destination for it.

Files too big to download? Let us assist and courier your cloud-based data directly to you on portable media.

Bare-Metal Recovery
Restore your entire machine in one go. Our bootable media allows for recovery of your machine just as it was at the time of your last backup

 Restore your files fast
Download your files from any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world. Continue working on that lost document or even restore an entire system.

Virtual Servers (VPS)
Are you sure your hosting company is backing up your server data? Fancy RAID arrays are no replacement for backups. Remotely backup your virtual private server to our cloud for less worry and easy migration.
Backup Options
With a choice of over 20 options to manage and customise your backup runs, you’re always in control. From schedule compression to pre-and post-scripts