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Hosted PBX

Whether you are a one-man company with a single line or an established multiple-branch company, the telephony system is the core of your business. You need a robust and reliable system that can grow with you and offer you a professional solution. Therefore, why not benefit from a first-class carrier telephony system, even if you are a one-man company?

Now even a small company can benefit from the full call management featured system that is usually found in expensive premise-based PBX systems used by large enterprises

Features included
Low cost calling with pure per second billing:
Free inter-branch calling
Local Fixed Line Number Portability (LNP):
Keep your existing phone number by porting it from your current fixed line provider

No long term contracts, all accounts are based on a 30 day notice period
Quick setup and configuration: within 48hrs from paying your setup fees and first months rental

Web Portal Interface:
IT Administrators can configure and manage their own services through an easy-to-use Web interface
Online account management:
view real time call records and costs. Download call records as an Excel CSV file.

Calling Features
Caller ID/On Call Waiting:
Know who is calling before you answer
Caller ID Blocking
Block Caller IDs from which you do not wish to receive calls
Call Forwarding:
Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you don’t miss any calls
Call Forwarding:
Redirect calls on busy, or Do Not Disturb
Call Forwarding Follow Me:
Have one of your numbers/extensions ring for a period of time and if unanswered forward to a second number and then third and so forth OR all ring them all concurrently
Call Forwarding:
Follow Me Based on Caller ID
Inbound Number Tagging:
Tag an inbound caller ID for easy reception management for multiple companies..
Call Hold:
Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call
Call Transfer:
Attended Transfer (alert forwarding party before transfer) & Blind Transfer (transfer the call directly).
Call Conferencing.
Join a conference room by dialing a feature code or get transfered in
Call Waiting:
Be notified when someone else is trying to call if you are already on a call
Do Not Disturb:
Callers go directly to voicemail or call fwd when you don’t want to be disturbed

Call Logs:
Access detailed call records by extension or account

Voicemail Features
Password Protected Voicemail:
Prevent unauthorized access to voicemail
Voicemail Greeting Options:
Unavailable / Personal Message
Voicemail to Email:
Receive voice messages as a .wav file (or “audio file”) attached to an email
Unified Inbox Features
Single Unified Inbox Access:
Manage your voice, fax (paperless fax optional extra), and email messages from a single inbox in your standard email client application.

Digital Receptionist (IVR)
Multi level IVR menu management
Manage multiple IVR menus for different Inbound DIDs
Day and Night Mode Schedule
Create different greetings according to time of day and day of week
Custom Greetings:
Upload third-party professional greetings to use as Digtial Receptionist greetings
Hunt Lists / Ring Groups
Ring groups. Simultaneously ring a set of phones based on a DID

Hunt lists:
Set a linear line of ring groups (1 extension or many) for a period of time, before transferring to a second and third ring group etc.
Call Restrictions
Limit an extension
to fixed line call only
Limit an extension
to local South African calling only
Custom restrictions
creation (request quote)
Call Center Features
ACD Queues
Orderly Queue Handling
Periodic announcements
Round robin, extension with least calls, ring all and more
Media Management
Custom Music-on-Hold
Custom Digital Receptionist Recordings
Custom voicemail messages
Call recording (extra fees apply)
Blanket or adhoc call recording
Secure call recording storage
Archiving call recordings
Report Management System (extra fees apply)
Real time outbound call details records
Actual billed cost per outbound call
Outbound call source listed by extension
Outbound call sourcelists for virtual extensions
Extension manager
Transactional and invoice history
Access, search and download call recordings
Personal profile editing