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Call us today for a quote on network cabling or fiber optic

Call us today for a quote on network cabling or fiber optic

IT Infrastructure Setup and Support Services

Call us today for a quote on network cabling or fiber optic

Call us today for a quote on network cabling or fiber optic

IT Infrastructure Setup and Support Services

Let us set up your wired and wireless networks side-by-side to maximize mobility, flexibility, reliability, and performance.


The network system of a company is the most important part of its IT infrastructure.It is in charge of everything from data transfer to Internet access, messaging, phone systems, video and audio communications, and security. It makes it easier for employees, suppliers, and customers of an organization to work together well. It's very important that it works the same way every time!



 VPNT's professional cabling team offers a full range of network infrastructure solutions and services


• Voice and data cabling solutions
• VolP cabling installations
• Fibre optic networking
• Wireless networking installations for businesses (offices and warehouses)
• Network cabling for IP CCTV camera systems
• Network cabling for Access control systems


Whether it is a single network point or a large-scale enterprise network deployment, we are here to help.

From small and medium-sized enterprises to larger enterprises, as well as schools, factories, and warehouses, we have expertise cabling them all. Our staff with years of experience will work with you in a transparent manner to ensure that all of your specifications and criteria are met.

VPNT will oversee the entire project, beginning with a site survey and continuing through the design, planning, and installation of a company's network cabling infrastructure. By doing so, we will maintain our reputation for providing dependable, efficient, and cost-effective networks.



  • New network cabling installations
  • Relocation of network points
  • Existing network upgrades 
  • VolP network installs 
  • Network audits / site surveys 
  • Network certification 
  • Network cable testing
  • Fault locating, and network point repairs 
  • Network cable tracing & labeling 
  • Server room installs
  • Cable tidying, and relocations 
  • Cable management 
  • Server Cabinet Installation 
  • Installation of switches, routers, range extenders


  • Wireless network design and scoping
  • Wireless network installations
  • Point to point wireless installations
  • Wireless Heat maps
  • WiFi mesh solutions








Despite the fact that wired networks are still preferred in business due to their superior performance and dependability, wireless networks are rapidly becoming a necessity in the majority of workplaces. Today's users require greater adaptability, mobility, and connectivity. A wireless network solution operating concurrently with a wired network is the optimal solution for supporting mobile devices that are constantly on the move. It provides seamless collaboration in which employees may communicate effortlessly, be more responsive, and carry out their duties effectively without being tethered to their desks.

A Wi-Fi solution can also be supplied to clients by connecting them to a different network from your staff, resulting in satisfied customers and no security risks to the network of your firm.


Providing connectivity at high speeds or over greater distances. We will assist you with the implementation of the fiber optic cabling project for your business. From analyzing your needs and conducting a site assessment to designing, installing, testing, and implementing a solution, we handle the entire process. Fiber provides a stable, dependable, and quick connection for data and communication networks.