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Terms & Conditions


Labour Rate


Rate per hour (in bundle)

Rate (out of bundle)

AD Hoc Call out

R 600


8-10 hour bundle*

R 400

R 425

11-20 hour bundle*

R 375

R 400

21-40 hour bundle*

R 350

R 375

> 40 hour bundle*

R 325

R 350


1. Bundles rate subject to signing a SLA agreement

2. All on-site visits subject to a minimum bill of 1 hour, thereafter billed in 30 min increments

3. Remote support billed same as normal rate in 15 min increments

4. Office hours 8h00-17h00 Mon-Fri, not including public holidays

5. After hours support is only available to SLA Clients and billed double

6. All rates quotes exclude VAT and Terms COD

7. VPNT reserves the right to change prices on 30 days’ notice

8. VPNT reserves the right to suspend access to service for user's for non-payment

9. VPNT reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts