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IT Support

We provide comprehensive onsite and offsite technical support based on your needs. Contact us for an in-depth needs assessment.

IT Security

Using our Security Team’s in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience, we’ll find the correct solution for you within 24 hours.


We offer a true cloud PBX platform with all the associated and expected flexibility and scalability.

Cloud Backup

With us you have a choice of over 20 options of you can manage and customise your backup solutions.
VPNT-Networking Management

Networking Management

The network system of a company is the most important part of its IT infrastructure.
VPNT-Networking Management

Voice, Video and Data Cabling

Wireless Network Services and Fibre Optic Networks.

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Welcome to VPN Technologies

VPN Technologies strives to provide a personal technical service that is dependable and consistent and economically viable. It aims to deliver sound advice and direction, backed by individuals who have more then 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience in their relevant fields. These individuals have good reputations and references within the marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are businesses today interested in moving from proprietary to open-source security tools? (Why are they now open to open source? What do they see as the advantages?)
  2. What turns businesses away from or off to open source security?
  3. What are the most common problems encountered in migrations from proprietary to open-source security?
  4. Who’s spreading FUD against open-source security? What are they saying?
  5. Why are the FUDrakers wrong about open-source security? What do current users know that prospective users should know?
  6. What issues are holding up the development of secure open-source software?

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  • Because its never dissapointed me

    Tholakele Ginindza Avatar Tholakele Ginindza
    August 2, 2022

    Thank you Jaco for your super fast service, my clients are very happy with your turnaround time

    Ettiene van Greunen Avatar Ettiene van Greunen
    November 2, 2022

    Highly knowledgable group of specialists. If you have any networking questions - let them know to help!

    Pieter Piek Avatar Pieter Piek
    November 2, 2022
  • Professional fast and friendly service

    Hannes Lombaard Avatar Hannes Lombaard
    August 2, 2019

    Great service and afterservice

    Terence Kuzgun De Haas Avatar Terence Kuzgun De Haas
    August 2, 2019